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Mount SMB CIFS share in Linux


User wants to mount CIFS / SMB share on linux filesystem

Use command line to execute the following command and change this settings

  • server – ip address / dns name of the server
  • Folder – the folder that is shareable on the windows( need to provide share permissions for this folder )
  • mountpount – the local directory you want to mount the windows share
  • user – username that has access to the folder
  • domain – your Active directory domain
  • password – optional and can be added to the -o options ( or you will be prompted to enter)

mount -t cifs //server/folder ./mountpoint -o user=USER,domain=DOMAIN,vers=1.0

This is one time mount if you reboot your Linux system it will be mounted again you can add entry to fstab to mount permanent for each reboot

Example fstab entry

// /home/MyLocalReports cifs rw,user,username=WINUSER,password=WINPASS,domain=WINDOMAIN