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Tracstone – Optimize & Control your Cloud

The Leading Automation tools for Cloud Migration & Optimization

Costs Savings

Cost Reductions and Savings Manager will help you gain better understanding and visibility about reduced company expenses by moving to the cloud Use our Prediction Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator that will estimate the cost savings you can realize by migrating your application workloads to the Cloud. You simply provide a brief description of your on-premises environment to get an instant report and with Cloud & IT Asset Management tool you can see your savings over time.
Cloud Assessments
Cloudstone Assessment Manager allows you to discover and assess your on-premises apps, data, and infrastructure, identify dependencies across applications and analyze their priority for migration. Then recommends you the needed resources in your favorite cloud provider ( Azure, AWS, GCP) suce as VM’s, Webapps, Databases, Mobile Applications, Analytics & AI services and more.
Cost Optimization
While the benefits of cloud are clear, the on-demand nature of cloud use often results in uncontrolled cloud costs, requiring a completely new approach to managing and optimizing spend. Legacy “pre-approval” processes used for on-premises data centers or outsourcing contracts can conflict with the “speed to market” benefits that cloud delivers. As a result, CIOs and enterprise IT organizations need to develop new approaches and processes to manage and optimize cloud costs.

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