Tracston LTD. is an international solutions provider of integrated IT, Cloud solutions, and managed services. We provide expert consultation on communications, collaboration, designing and implementing data centers and cloud solutions, information and data management, managed services, software architecture and development.
The digital age presents new challenges for IT. How do you create and develop a unified infrastructure? How do you make sure users have access to data and applications when and where they need it? our IT solutions and services can help you design a hybrid IT environment that delivers results. We have a fast, Secured and Reliable integrated solutions and services to help you keep your business up and running without worries allowing you to focus on your customers and growing your business.

Our team offer wide range of services we already gained many years of work experience, with expertise and competence. What we offer is adapted to the needs of our customers. Our work is done in between the departments, users, IT, R&D and senior management.

  • Start-Up Services
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Development Services
  • Microservices & Monolithic Software architecture

Tracston LTD. delivers training courses & lectures for all types of professionals. Information Technology now lies at the heart of almost every business and every organisation across the globe.

By studying our training courses you will gain valuable technical and theoretical knowledge.

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Looking for a way to optimize and move smoothly to the cloud ?

Our objective is to find the best ways to optimize your cloud environment quickly and easily

Check out our cloud Management Services

And start saving today !!!

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