Cloud Consulting Services

Tracston Offers wide range of consulting & development services for the cloud.

 Our services include:

  • Strategy and roadmap  – Our team will help you to make important decisions such as: how cloud can best be used for your organization, how you can take advantage of the cloud, which architecture you should use, which applications area best fit for your organizations, which cloud technologies are the right for your application, determine a budget for the cloud, and we will help you with cost and capacity planning.
  • Architecture and design To gather requirements, create logical and network diagrams, and create cloud architecture documents. We will create and plan tailored a solution for your organization needs.
  • Cloud DevOps approach – Our expertise will help your organization for both Linux and Windows implementations using proven, cutting-edge cloud technologies, including automation
    Azure ARM, T Amazon CloudFormation, Terraform, Jenkins, Ansible, Chef, and Docker.
  • End to end projects – we will provide for you services:
    • Integration – With existing systems and applications in your data center.
    • Testing – Of all Cloud functionality at scale and high load.
    • Deployment – To new and existing cloud production, staging, and test environments.
  • Documentation – Our projects are well documented and will help the to smooth handoff to your team the new new cloud infrastructure. If your team needs ongoing support after launch, we offer
    multiple levels of cloud managed services.

We have a long track record of successful infrastructure and application deployments on AWS, Azure and GCP