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Add External IP to service to access it from outside the cluster


User wants to access a kubernetes services outside of the cluster ( for example: Webserver on port 8080 ). there are few options to expose the service

change the service type to LoadBalancer and assign ports running the following command


kubectl -n my-nginx patch svc my-nginx -p ‘{“spec”: {“type”: “LoadBalancer”}}’

or specify Ports

kubectl patch svc <my_service> -p ‘{“spec”: {“ports”: [{“port”: 443,”targetPort”: 443,”name”: “https”},{“port”: 80,”targetPort”: 80,”name”: “http”}],”type”: “LoadBalancer”}}’

if you have deployment

kubectl expose deployment/’deployment-name’ –type=”LoadBalancer”

Change the service type to NodeIP

kubectl patch svc you-svc -p ‘{“spec”: {“type”: “NodePort”}}’


Assign External IP to ClusterIP

kubectl patch svc MYHTTPSERVICE -p '{"spec":{"externalIPs":[""]}}'

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