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Azure Resources


User wants to get information about Azure resources


Get all the resourceIds along with tags for a subscription

Get-AzResource|select ResourceId,Tags


Get all the resourceIds in a subscription based on tag value

Get-AzResource -TagValue “<tag value>” |select ResourceId



The new AZ Module is recommended for operating towards Azure from Powershell (cross platform and newer Powershell versions). For more information look here:

Example getting resources by tag using hashtable:

$resources = Get-AzResource -tag @{“costCenter”=”100011”;}
# No filter – get all resource s
$resources = Get-AzResource;
$resources = Get-AzureRMResource -tag @{“costCenter”=”100011”;}

or by using -tagName -tagValue

$resources = Get-AzResource -TagName “costCenter” -TagValue “100111”;
$resources = Get-AzureRMResource -TagName “costCenter” -TagValue “100111”;

You then have all the resources in your $resources variable – so you can easily select the ResourceId and/or tags (and other properties):

$resources|Select ResourceId

If you want to discover what properties are on an object in resources – experiment with this:



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