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Can't log in to Linux maintenance mode – lost password


User tries to log in to maintenance mode in order to recover linux file system ( fsck ) or fix any other issue


When the GRUB loader shows during boot press the spare bar to pause boot select your boot kernel.
Type ‘e’ to edit the default kernel line. And then type ‘e’ again on the line that starts with ‘kernel’
Add ‘init=/bin/bash’ to the end of the ‘kernel’ line then press enter.
Type ‘b’ to boot with the modified kernel parameters.

Mount the file system with read write with the following command
# mount -o remount,rw /

Change your root password:
# passwd root

Remount the filesystem back to read only:
# mount -o remount,ro /

Reboot your server using hard reset or CTR-ALT-DELET