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Grafana Dashboard – Filter Kubernetes metrics by Node


User wants to add filter by node kubernetes dashboard the results on each graph


Add to your query the node parameter to filter by
”expr”: “sum by (pod) (rate(container_cpu_usage_seconds_total{job=\”kubelet\”, image!=\”\”,container!=\”POD\”, pod=~\”$pod\”, namespace=\”{{ .Release.Namespace }}\”,node=~\”$node\”}[1m]))”
and add to templating section the following settings to query the nodes list
”allValue”: null,
”current”: {
”text”: “All”,
”value”: “$__all”
”datasource”: “Prometheus”,
”hide”: 0,
”includeAll”: true,
”label”: “Node”,
”multi”: true,
”name”: “node”,
”options”: [],
”query”: “label_values(kube_node_info, node)”,
”refresh”: 2,
”regex”: “”,
”skipUrlSync”: false,
”sort”: 0,
”tagValuesQuery”: “”,
”tags”: [],
”tagsQuery”: “”,
”type”: “query”,
”useTags”: false
Make sure for check sensitive for the Name: should be all lower cases