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Expose service outside of the k8s cluster


User wants to expose deployments outside of the cluster

kubectl expose deployment MYDEPLOYMENT –name=nodeport –port=80 –target-port=8080 –type=NodePort

Check your Nodes IP Addresses

NODEPORT=$(kubectl get -o jsonpath=”{.spec.ports[0].nodePort}” services nodeport)
NODES=$(kubectl get nodes -o jsonpath='{ $.items[*].status.addresses[?(@.type==”InternalIP”)].address }’)
for node in $NODES; do curl -s $node:$NODEPORT | grep -i client_address; done

To avoid Kubernetes preserve the client source IP,  kube-proxy only proxies proxy requests to local endpoints, and does not forward traffic to other nodes

kubectl patch svc nodeport -p ‘{“spec”:{“externalTrafficPolicy”:”Local”}}’


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