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Failed to Configure MetalLB on Baremetal


After deployment of MetalLB manifest ( verified pods running )

trying to deploy a basic configuration

kind: IPAddressPool
name: first-pool
namespace: metallb-system

user gets the following error

Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook “”: failed to call webhook: Post “https://webhook-service.metallb-system.svc:443/validate-metallb-io-v1beta1-ipaddresspool?timeout=10s”: context deadline exceeded


This error appears when trying to apply a configuration for IP address after having metallb installed or upgraded either default namespace or metallb-system namespace .

After long investigation on complicated setups metallb will not work along with caligo network provider. 

My setup includes virtual machine control-plane and 3 baremetal on a different networking without identical hardware configuration for example ens192 on the VM and bond0 on the baremetal servers.

The solution that provides the option to automatically configure IP addresses for services / ingress is to configure weavenetworks / flannel networks along with OpenEIP additional details available here

OpenELB Installation

Use OpenELB in Layer 2 Mode


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