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Kubernetes Node Common Warnings & Errors

      – TerminatedAllPods  Terminated All Pods
      – RegisteredNode  Node Registered
      – RemovingNode  Removing Node
      – DeletingNode  Deleting Node
      – DeletingAllPods  Deleting All Pods
      – TerminatingEvictedPod  Terminating Evicted Pod
      – NodeReady  Node Ready
      – NodeNotReady  Node not Ready
      – NodeSchedulable  Node is Schedulable
      – NodeNotSchedulable  Node is not Schedulable
      – CIDRNotAvailable  CIDR not Available
      – CIDRAssignmentFailed  CIDR Assignment Failed
      – Starting  Starting Kubelet
      – KubeletSetupFailed  Kubelet Setup Failed
      – FailedMount  Volume Mount Failed
      – NodeSelectorMismatching  Node Selector Mismatch
      – InsufficientFreeCPU  Insufficient Free CPU
      – InsufficientFreeMemory  Insufficient Free Mem
      – OutOfDisk  Out of Disk
      – HostNetworkNotSupported  Host Ntw not Supported
      – NilShaper  Undefined Shaper
      – Rebooted  Node Rebooted
      – NodeHasSufficientDisk  Node Has Sufficient Disk
      – NodeOutOfDisk  Node Out of Disk Space
      – InvalidDiskCapacity  Invalid Disk Capacity
      – FreeDiskSpaceFailed  Free Disk Space Failed