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Kubernetes Pod and ReplicationController Common Warnings & Errors

      – Pulling  Pulling Container Image
      – Pulled  Ctr Img Pulled
      – Failed  Ctr Img Pull/Create/Start Fail
      – InspectFailed  Ctr Img Inspect Failed
      – ErrImageNeverPull  Ctr Img NeverPull Policy Violate
      – BackOff  Back Off Ctr Start, Image Pull
      – Created  Container Created
      – Started  Container Started
      – Killing  Killing Container
      – Unhealthy  Container Unhealthy
      – FailedSync  Pod Sync Failed
      – FailedValidation  Failed Pod Config Validation
      – OutOfDisk  Out of Disk
      – HostPortConflict  Host/Port Conflict
      – SuccessfulCreate  Pod Created
      – FailedCreate  Pod Create Failed
      – SuccessfulDelete  Pod Deleted
      – FailedDelete  Pod Delete Failed