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Kubernetes Resources Links & Useful Commands

Kubernetes Cheatsheet

Here you can find a detailed list of Kubernetes management commands

Kubernetes Cheat sheet



Composition of Ansible playbooks, inventory, provisioning tools, and domain knowledge for generic OS/Kubernetes clusters configuration management tasks. Kubespray provides: a highly available cluster. composable attributes. support for most popular Linux distributions.



Bash script that enables you to aggregate (tail/follow) logs from multiple pods into one stream. This is the same as running “kubectl logs -f ” but for multiple pods.

Useful Kubernetes Commands

List All Nodes, Namespace, Containers and networking

kubectl get po –all-namespaces -o=jsonpath=”{range .items[*]}{.spec.nodeName}{‘\t’}{.spec.hostNetwork}{‘\t’}{.metadata.namespace}{‘\t’}{}{‘\t’}{.spec.hostNetwork}{‘\t’}{.spec.containers..containerPort}{‘\n’}{end}”

List Containers in Pending state

kubectl get po –all-namespaces -o wide | grep Pending

List Nodes and Ports

kubectl get po –all-namespaces -o=jsonpath=”{range .items[*]}{.spec.nodeName}{‘\t’}{.spec.hostNetwork}{‘\t’}{.spec.hostNetwork}{‘\t’}{.spec.containers..containerPort}{‘\n’}{end}”

List Kubernetes Cluster networking setup

kubectl –namespace kube-system get configmap kubeadm-config -o yaml

Generate Join token for additional workers / control-plane in the cluster

kubeadm token create –print-join-command

Schedule Pods on the control plane nodes

kubectl taint nodes –all

Check All system Events

kubectl get events


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