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Pods entering CrashLoopBackOff state


User gets the following errors when running kubectl get pods

openebs-provisioner-7cb669f466-86kgr 0/1 CrashLoopBackOff 453 38h

when examining the log on the pods with the command

kubectl logs openebs-admission-server-84bd769954-swphs -n openebs

the following error has been reported

F0725 07:05:39.662224 1 main.go:88] failed to list admission deployment: Get “”: dial tcp connect: no route to hostfailed to get a reference to the admission deployment object


Make sure that firewalls on all nodes are either disabled or rules allows the nodes and pods to connect

to disable the firewall run the following command

sudo systemctl stop firewalld
sudo systemctl disable firewalld

Mask the following service which will prevent other services to start it

sudo systemctl mask –now firewalld