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uninstall / delete calico network provider


User wants to remove calico network from a working kubernetes


Remove all settings from kubernetes with the following command

kubectl delete -f
kubectl delete -f

kubectl delete -f
kubectl delete configmap remove-calico-policy-config -n=kube-system


when you run the above commands calico will not be removed completely. Because calico has an init container but does not have a cleanup container.

Remove the following files and directories from the command line ( CENTOS )

rm -rf /var/lib/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/44/fs/opt/cni/bin/calico
rm -rf /var/lib/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/44/fs/opt/cni/bin/calico-ipam
rm -rf /var/lib/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/47/fs/etc/calico
rm -rf /var/lib/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/47/fs/etc/service/available/calico-bgp-daemon
rm -rf /var/lib/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/47/fs/usr/bin/calico-node
rm -rf /var/lib/containerd/io.containerd.snapshotter.v1.overlayfs/snapshots/47/fs/usr/lib/calico
rm -rf /var/lib/calico
rm -rf /run/calico
rm -rf /opt/cni/bin/calico
rm -rf /opt/cni/bin/calico-ipam

restart pods

rm /etc/cni/net.d/10-calico.conflist && rm /etc/cni/net.d/calico-kubeconfig

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