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Helm Chart - Cheat Sheet

Helm Repositories

List Helm repositories
helm repo list

Update helm chart repositories
helm repo update

Searching Helm Charts

List all installed charts
helm repo list

helm search

List all installed charts
helm search

Search for a chart
helm search foo

Managing Installed Helm Charts

List installed Helm charts
helm ls

List deleted Helm charts
helm ls –deleted

List installed and deleted Helm charts
helm ls –all

List all available releases across all namespaces:
helm list –all-namespaces

List all releases in a specific namespace:
helm list –namespace [namespace]

List all releases in a specific output format:
helm list –output [format]

Apply a filter to the list of releases using regular expressions:
helm list –filter ‘[expression]'

See the status of a specific release:
helm status [release]

Display the release history:
helm history [release]

See information about the Helm client environment:
helm env


Installing/Deleting Helm charts

Inspect the variables in a chart
helm inspect values stable/mysql

Install a Helm chart
helm install –name foo stable/mysql
helm install –name path/to/foo
helm install –name foo bar-1.2.3.tgz
helm install –name foo

Install a Helm chart and override variables
helm install –name foo –values config.yaml –timeout 300 –wait stable/mysql

Show status of Helm chart being installed
helm status foo

Delete a Helm chart
helm delete –purge foo


Upgrading Helm Charts

Return the variables for a release
helm get values foo

Upgrade the chart or variables in a release
helm upgrade –values config.yaml foo stable/mysql

List release numbers
helm history foo

Rollback to a previous release number
helm rollback foo 1

Creating Helm Charts

Create a blank chart
helm create foo

Lint the chart
helm lint foo

Package the chart into foo.tgz
helm package foo

Install chart dependencies
helm dependency update

Plugins Management

Install plugins:
helm plugin install [path/url1] [path/url2] …

View a list of all installed plugins:
helm plugin list

Update plugins:
helm plugin update [plugin1] [plugin2] …

Uninstall a plugin:
helm plugin uninstall [plugin]


Chart Management

Create a directory containing the common chart files and directories (chart.yaml, values.yaml, charts/ and templates/):
helm create [name]

Package a chart into a chart archive:
helm package [chart-path]

Run tests to examine a chart and identify possible issues:
helm lint [chart]

Inspect a chart and list its contents:
helm show all [chart]

Display the chart’s definition:
helm show chart [chart]

Display the chart’s values:
helm show values [chart]

Download a chart:
helm pull [chart]

Download a chart and extract the archive’s contents into a directory:
helm pull [chart] –untar –untardir [directory]

Display a list of a chart’s dependencies:
helm dependency list [chart]

Download all the release information:
helm get all [release]

Download all hooks:
helm get hooks [release]

Download the manifest:
helm get manifest [release]

Download the notes:
helm get notes [release]

Download the values file:
helm get values [release]

Fetch release history:
helm history [release]


Chart Folder Structure
___Chart.yaml – A YAML file containing information about the chart
___LICENSE – OPTIONAL: A plain text file containing the license for the chart – OPTIONAL: A human-readable README file
___requirements.yaml – OPTIONAL: A YAML file listing dependencies for the chart
___values.yaml – The default configuration values for this chart
___charts/ – A directory containing any charts upon which this chart depends.
___templates/ – A directory of templates that, when combined with values,
___templates/NOTES.txt – OPTIONAL: A plain text file containing short usage notes
___templates/_helpers.tpl – Helper file for various tasks such as name settings
___templates/deployment.yaml – Pod deployment specifications
___templates/pv.yaml – Persistent volume specifications
___templates/pvc.yaml – Persistent Volume claim
___templates/secret.yaml – secret definitions ( Such as mysql username/pass)
___templates/service.yaml – Service Settings for the deployment