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Azure Platform Services Basic & Advanced Workshop – Maccabi Health Services

Last updated on 26/03/2022

I had a pleasure to lead “Azure Platform Services Basics & Advanced Workshop for Maccabi Health Services”.  We had few full day’s workshop with online demos and labs for the class. In this 2 workshops we covered many topics such as:

  • Azure Platform AS a Services, Apps Services – building, creating and distributing new apps, Monitoring with application insights,
  • Azure Functions – Serverless Logic, Visual Studio Development, Triggers
  • Azure Database Service – Big Data with Cosmos DB, Managed SQL Server instances, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • App Containerization -from monolith to microservices , Docker Containers, Container Instances, Container Registry
  • Azure Kubernetes Service –
  • Azure DevOps – Continuous integration and Continuous Delivery, Code Repository, Azure Boards, Private Registries

See you at the next workshop.