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Azure Management & Infrastructure – Max Credit Card company

Another successful workshop with a great team from Max Credit Card about azure management and azure infrastructure. In these sessions we covered topics such as: Cost Optimization and Management, Application Insights, Azure Monitor, Network Watcher, Log Analytics, Networking, Storage, Compute, web apps, functions and more.See you in the next course...

See you in the next course…

Azure Virtual Desktop – Technion | Israel Institute of Technology

We had wonderful workshop with over 40 participants from the Technion Institute of technology about Azure Virtual desktop. in this course we covered topics like: azure virtual desktop architecture, Organizational identity, management tools, Host pools, User access to desktop and applications, files management with FSlogix, migration and hybrid On-perm and Cloud solutions

See you in the next workshop.

Azure Business Continuity and DR Workshop – Modelity Technologies

It was nice meeting the guys from Modelity Technologies for an online workshop "Azure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery".

In the workshop we covered many topics such as: High Availability (Load Balancers, Application Gateway, Traffic Manager, etc.), Azure Backup, Azure disaster recovery and Azure site recovery.

See you in the next workshop.

Azure Platform Services Basic & Advanced Workshop – Maccabi Health Services

I had a pleasure to lead “Azure Platform Services Basics & Advanced Workshop for Maccabi Health Services”.  We had few full day’s workshop with online demos and labs for the class. In this 2 workshops we covered many topics such as:

  • Azure Platform AS a Services, Apps Services - building, creating and distributing new apps, Monitoring with application insights,
  • Azure Functions – Serverless Logic, Visual Studio Development, Triggers
  • Azure Database Service – Big Data with Cosmos DB, Managed SQL Server instances, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • App Containerization -from monolith to microservices , Docker Containers, Container Instances, Container Registry
  • Azure Kubernetes Service -
  • Azure DevOps – Continuous integration and Continuous Delivery, Code Repository, Azure Boards, Private Registries

See you at the next workshop.

Datacenter & Cloud Technologies Lectures – Bar Ilan University

Thank you ״Sales Managers Business Program״ at Bar-Ilan University for inviting me to speak about Data Center Technologies & Cloud Computing Services.

In this lectures we discussed about: Fundamentals of Cloud Computing, Cloud design and architecture, Cloud vendors, Cloud market analysis, Security, IT infrastructure, services, trends, Virtualization , The future of data center, Serverless, DevOps, Microservices, Cyber Security Challenges in IT and more... ‏

Hillel Kobrovski Eran Shaham (‎ערן שחם‎)

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Data Center Technologies – Bezeq International

It was an excellent “Data Center Technologies” lecture with great audience from pre-sales and tech engineers at Bezeq International.

In this lecture we discussed about Evolution of IT infrastructure, services, trends, Virtualization , The future of data center, Cloud services, cyber security, DevOps, Microservices, Cyber Security Challenges in IT, Micro Segmentation, North-South Traffic vs East-West Traffic and more...

You can join my next lectures and other excellent lectures from experts at Bar Ilan university.
check out the course details here:

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