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Kubespray getting error: "msg": "true isn't a bool" for download_run_once


User gets the following error when trying to install kubernetes with kubespray and passing download_run_once parameter

TASK [kubernetes/preinstall : Stop if known booleans are set as strings (Use JSON format on CLI: -e “{‘key’: true }”)] **************************************************************************************************
failed: [node1] (item={u’name’: u’download_run_once’, u’value’: u’true’}) => {
“ansible_loop_var”: “item”,
“assertion”: “item.value|type_debug == ‘bool’”,
“changed”: false,
“evaluated_to”: false,
“item”: {
“name”: “download_run_once”,
“value”: “true”
“msg”: “true isn’t a bool”


kubespray for offline install is not accurate:

when passing variable to ansible playbook util you need to specify: True with capital T and -e with Apostrophes

ansible-playbook -e “download_run_once=True” -i hosts_file kubespray/playbooks/cluster.yml


The same also for settings: -e download_localhost=true


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